Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Flu Vaccine distribution

Breathless posts are flying in from physicians throughout the country to the AAFP 'prez' list (private, moderated) describing broken promises of delivery of flu vaccine.

Post themes:

1. Little guy suffering at the hands of the big guy.
"I paid for 500 doses with a guaranteed delivery of Sept 30 and got 100 on Oct 3 with the balance who knows when. Meanwhile, [fill in bigbox retailer here] is advertising in my town and my patients are all reporting they've gotten their vaccine from them."

2. This one small minimally profitable task is pulled out of our hands by the market in the name of 'public health' while other less profitable (or frankly money losing) but more important public health problems are pushed into physicians offices.

3. Splintering of the medical home.

4. Revisits and rework for flu clinics/visits scheduled and now rescheduled.

5. Conflation of health with consumerism in the market.

6. Does the early push by big box retailers push the vaccine window too early?

CDC Podcasts (including flu vaccination information)
CDC Flu Pages

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