Friday, March 16, 2007

Write your play

Robin is a new co-worker of mine. She enters charge entry data and reconciles payments against charges for our busy residency practice at Penn. But her real ambition in life is to win a Tony for best new play. While talking to her I was reminded of my former life with Actors' Guild of Lexington (as president of their board many moons ago) and also my love affair with Actors Theatre of Louisville, whose Humana Festival of New American Plays continues to feed new material to Broadway and elsewhere. Actors' Guild is easily the more grass roots and exciting to me, in part because of their mission to present compelling modern american theater. Seeing their production of Angels in America is still a highlight of my live performance watching experience.

The discussion with Robin also reminded me of a question I once had during a job interview: "Do you write every day?" The wisdom of this being that if you didn't now you were unlikely to do so. No need to wait for an assignment, a job, or for more time. The barriers (for me anyway) were all internal.

Robin: Write your play. I'll come to see it - even if it's only a reading.

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