Monday, July 14, 2008

Crisis of the bourgeois

A year ago I walked right into my local Apple store and picked up an iPhone around 8 pm on release day. No line, no fuss; until I got home and tried to activate it.

Fast forward a year and a week to yesterday. My wife is in the market for the new iPhone but the line was 20 deep at 9 pm last night, and after reading about activation delays she begged off to a later day. Then when we did stop in to pick one up (again no line, no fuss), ATT squelched the deal by invoking BMG, IRU, and FAN. And if you know what those acronyms mean you've spent way too much time on the phone with ATT.

So still no iPhone and all the stores near us are out of stock.

iPocalypse? Hardly.

Catastrophe? Iraq is a catastrophe. Katrina is a catastrophe.

3G iPhone activation problems? Just another...

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