Saturday, January 30, 2010

Adobe Flash and the iPad

I'm a confirmed MacHead, so everyone who knows this about me has been asking whether (Ha!) or more appropriately when I'll get an iPad.

Watching the introduction this week I noted that the NY times webpage didn't render Flash, prompting instablogs to tout "I can't believe it's not going to use Flash!"

But as a long term MacHead I have the kool aid in my genes. I don't think I have any natural DNA left in fact. So it's natural to me that Apple is again saying "It doesn't work, we're moving on and suggest you do too."

They've said this before. I remember "I can't believe there's no 5 1/4 inch floppy drive!" only to be followed by the hit single "I can't believe there's no floppy drive!" among others.

If Apple's good at anything it's good at making the future.

As my maven John says: Flash sucks and deserves to die. And thanks for pointing out the Daring Fireball treatise that explains exactly how and why Adobe sucks the big one. Adobe installers routinely interrupt me when seeing patients, crash when browsing, and use stupid proprietary installers that were bad when they were state of the art in 1998. And NO I DON'T WANT TO INSTALL YOUR INSANELY ANNOYING AND BUGGY UPDATES NOW.

The Flash install and crash saga is Apple v Adobe, and I know where my money is. (Not really, I bought Apple at $19.50 many years and two splits ago and could probably have retired by now if I hadn't sold it at $24 - on it's way to today's $192 - which is why I don't put money into single stocks anymore. I'm clearly incompetent at the money making part.)

But the money is beside the point. Flash is the past. I'm moving on. If hulu wants me to watch then they're gonna have to get with the program and dump Flash like all right thinking webmasters.

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  1. Love the floppy comparison. I'm adding flashblock or equivalent to all our browsers.