Sunday, May 29, 2011

My new computer is a car

After seven good years my Mini Cooper is gone, replaced by a 2012 Ford Focus.

Good things about the Mini: fun to drive, easy to find parking.
Less than good things about the Mini: premium gas, 21 actual MPG city, run-flat tires (stiff harsh ride and expensive to replace), no spare tire, rear seating a suggestion more than a reality.

Good things about the Focus: regular gas, 28 actual MPG city, computer on wheels, nice ride, more space, parks itself, american made, very competitive pricing.
Less good things about the Focus: sync interface by Microsoft.

When my wife got her Prius in 2004 I was amazed at how easily she could walk up to a locked door, open it, get in and push-button start the car without taking a key out of her pocket. Not only that but her bluetooth phone automagically paired and worked with the handsfree system. At the time there were novel features. Now I can finally do the same and much more. Go Detroit!

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  1. It is expected of a 2012 Ford car to have some points ahead of a Mini Cooper, especially if it isn’t the latest model. In any case, that’s one thrilling thing about having a modern car. You can enjoy the car with a hands-free system. Being able to operate the car with less physical movements, and sometimes even with voice commands, is quite relaxing. Keep FOCUS on the road! ;D

    - Timmy Radloff