Thursday, May 04, 2006

Contracting resources for residents

Had a nice chat with my residents this morning about looking for a job. Stark ("what's that?"); restrictive covenants; need for lawyers, etc. This is an area where it's important to personalize the advice to the person involved, hence my inclincation to point residents to resources and have them identify their own learning issues and approach. Guided discussion is one way to do this but it's not as active as it could be and doesn't take advantage of the 'teachable moment' that every resident feels when they first get a glimpse of what life could be after residency.

Here's a collection of articles on contracting from FPM for residents seeking employment. Also contracting services and demystifying contract terms. FPM is a good general resource but [small print lawyer disclaimer language here] "can't substitute for legal counsel."

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