Friday, July 07, 2006

Future of Family Medicine extended

I've put a pdf of the Keynote presentation that I gave yesterday at our grand rounds on my file sharing page (download it here - 2.5MB.) It's a long way from my original resident conference I presented in 1988, but in many respects the themes are remarkably similar.

I realized that many links I visited in the talk aren't in the slides. Why would they be? Slides are, after all, so very 1995 : )

Here they are, plus a few extras as your reward for visiting:

A mashup for locating doctors in berkeley.

Ratings of doctors. Not quite digg or slashdot, but the rival doctor shopping networks are fighting it out as you read this.

Another doctor mashup. Want a real 'monetizer' for web sites? Get health system marketing dollars pointed at these mashups, buying preferential placement for their docs and hospitals. Did I say that out loud?

Penn's patient blog site for checking on inpatients

Rob Centor's blog - president of SGIM, faculty at UAB

One of many examples of a personal health record.

An example of a virtual conference that I recently 'attended'. Why doesn't STFM or AAFP do this in addition to their 'regular' conference? Much of the networking value (though not all) without the travel costs.

If you know about 'flash mobs' then you won't be surprised that others are holding what amounts to 'flash conferences'. The prototype is here. This is another idea that medicine needs to adopt. It's certainly more convenient (for me) than the bulletin board next to the registration desk with handwritten notes on it for whomever happens to stop by.

One of many social networking sites that our applicants use to discuss the interviewing process. Yes, I'm reading you!

Graphical browsing - enter a website and see what's connected to it and what it connects to. The underlying concept and code is used by many sites as one example of 'conceptual mapping'. See here for other examples to numerous to list.

The point to this site isn't the story, it's the "big picture" link that allows graphical browsing of the related stories. Let the entire page load then click the 'Big Picture' link in the red bar on the right of the page. Any news story you visit on cnet news can be browsed the same way.

Like graphical browsing? See here and here for more examples. Now imagine this technology used to visualize medical concepts. We're getting close but aren't quite there yet. The Krafty Librarian post from last month talks about this.

Drug Quilt is an example applied to the drug industry. It certainly makes it easier for me to see the relative relationships between companies and products.

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